Structure of Five-paragraph Essay

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I passed see best math and reading part already but I am stuck in the writing portion the funny part is I passed one essay but failed second essay and it keeps happening and I don’t know what to do I must pass both in one attempt okay it is not that hard here are some suggestions you are only given two pages for each essay so your writing must be concise n’t to the point recall the five paragraph essay the introduction one paragraph the body three paragraphs the conclusion one paragraph remember you are not writing a thesis or dissertation keep it simple try these three steps in your daily study plan

 Make a habit of reading at least 20 minutes every day

choose the reading materials with accurate and precise in English such as children’s books National Geography Time magazine or just read essays sample from see best study books to practice writing search see

Best Writing Prompts From Books and Write

best writing prompts from books and write more importantly have somebody who is an expert in Cee’d best writing helps you to edit the samples writing tutors can be found through.

Take notes read your edited essay and understand

Take notes read your edited essay and understand why you committed the errors and how to fix the mistakes  in your paper then take notes these notes are very helpful in preventing me from making the same mistake besides write some useful phrases and sentences in your notebook you can memorize some if you can the five paragraph essay must follow these five steps

Paragraph 1

 this paragraph is the introduction to your essay don’t worry about the thesis statement everything is simple here just write about the main idea like what are you going to write about in this essay and your supporting points

 Paragraph 2

 The second paragraph is where you write your first supporting point my recommendation here you write your strongest point in this paragraph the

Paragraph 3

 tell us more about the main point here you got some example ok then write down here and support them keep it simple don’t write words that you are not sure is correct I want no spelling mistakes in your writing

 Paragraph 4

 write the weakest point here it’s like I am getting tired here now it’s a boring movie but don’t let the reader sleep while he is reading your essay

Paragraph 5

 this is your conclusion bring your all points here and don’t repeat the same thing make it a final touch it was a fantastic movie or experience that you can’t even find a single spelling mistake catch me if you can just joking not you I am talking about your writing errors .

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