I’d Like to know How Much is the fees for the Pharmacy Technician

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I’d like to know how much is the fees for the pharmacy technician preparation and how long will it takes to complete it hi this course will take nine months to complete and the fees are fifteen thousand two hundred dollars would you like to come to our campus our classes starting next month no thank you I will do this whole thing in one month now I will tell you how to pass PTC B exam in 30 days the first thing I did was evaluating myself I only knew three or four drug names like advil tylenol Pepto Bismol Imodium.

I don’t like math about converting like milligram kilogram

I don’t like math about converting like milligram kilogram and liter I find the whole thing annoying and I had zero knowledge of pharmacy laws but I still passed the PT CB exam in 30 days here is the study plan number one study three hours daily for the next 30 days one hour to memorize drug names I have to learn 200 drug names because I’m going to work in the pharmacy the first challenge was how to learn some people find to arrange in ascending order or some like to make a group like penicillin sillim is Illin but to learn all He is the repetition method I will learn eight drug names every day and the next day I will memorize eight more and revise eight from the previous day the day third eight more and will revise sixteen from the first two days the day third take a quiz twenty five drugs.

You to practice this method will help you

you to practice this method will help you to memorize 200 drug names in 25 days number two one hour every day for math number three one hour for reading a book regularly pharmacy law etc and that’s all it takes to complete this exam it’s not hard but it’s required discipline and consistency of hard work and the last fourth thing I did I quit dieting and stopped going to the gym just joking here is my experience from the test 60% math questions 30% mixed pharmacy rules what pharmacy tech can or cannot do inventory rules procedures 10 questions out of we’re drug names focus on math if you really want to pass this test.

You will have a couple of questions such as what do you

you will have a couple of questions such as what do you use to clean the laminar flow hood basically math math math and know your common abbreviations such as qid PID about 15 most common ones and know your conversation from grams to kilograms to pound excetera here are some details about the test you are given two hours to answer the 90 multiple questions out of those 90 questions 10 are unscored the passing score for the ptc b is a scaled score of 1400 the ptc b is scaled on a range of 1000 to 1600 you can retake the ptc B exam however you must wait 60 days from the last time you took the exam to apply for the second and third attempts if you need to take the exam again after the third time.

You will need to wait six months for another attempt

you will need to wait six months for another attempt the fee to take the pharmacy technician exam is 129 dollars there are nine knowledge domains and areas on the pharmacy technician certification exam pharmacology for technicians pharmacy law and regulations sterile and non-sterile compounding medication safety pharmacy Quality Assurance medication order entry and fill process pharmacy inventory management pharmacy billing and reimbursement pharmacy information system usage and application one take a practice test make sure that you read each and every question and answer carefully before making your decision to answer every question use guessing as a last resort if you get done with your exam early and you still have time left go back and check your answers math questions are similar to this a pediatrician orders amoxicillin 50 milligrams kilograms 24 hours to be given and equally divided dosages every eight hours the child is five years old and weighs 34 pounds your pharmacy stocks amoxicillin 250 milligrams five milliliters s USP 100 milliliters how many milligrams will be needed for each dose follow the study plan each day and you will pass this pharmacy technician exam good luck.

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